If you search Etsy for “Nylon Baby Headbands,” hundreds for super cute images will appear. So many you wont know which one is the cutest. Why don’t you just DIY a baby nylon headband yourself?!?! It’s soooo easy! Do you have some old nylons that you don’t use anymore? Some cute ribbon? A hot glue gun? AWESOME!! You are set!

Little back story of how these DIY baby nylon headbands came to be… We had a baby girl (almost a couple years ago, so don’t get too excited for us)!!! Score!!! So many exiting baby girl things to make!!! That is what flew through my mind when we found out her gender. Fast forward to her birth and then the sleepless nights, and did I make her anything cute for the newborn days?… no… I didn’t… and I had pinned so many cute ideas on Pinterest. I think she was at least six months before I got around to making these super cute baby nylon headbands which could not be easier to make.

DIY baby nylon headband

I’m so excited to share with you how I made mine so that you can make some too!!  They sell anywhere from just under $5 to almost $20 each on Etsy. You can make tones of them from one pair of panty hose for way less money and you can have fun creating a unique nylon headband for the beautiful little girls in your life (or little boys… as my son loves to put them on too. He’s so cute. Makes me excited for my baby girl to have more hair!).


Step 1: gather your supplies.
Supply list: (I have linked supplies like the ones used in this tutorial at the end of this post)
– nylon panty hose
– ribbon/fabric/leather  (any cute material that can be made into a bow)
– hot glue gun and scissors

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DIY baby nylon headband - suppliesStep 2: Take your nylons and cut the legs off. The leg material is all we will be using. You could use the top portion as some weird panty… or throw it away… (Or you could buy thigh high stockings so you don’t have as much waste). Then cut the leg portion into about 1 – 2 inch sections horizontal across the nylon (the pic below shows the difference between 1 inch and 2 inch pieces of nylon. I prefer to use 2 inches). This will create the headband portion. Just stretch the fabric around your hands and it will automatically roll into the band! Make as many as your nylons will allow.

DIY baby nylon headband - cutting the nylonStep 3 : Make the cuteness (The bow). To make the bow, take your material that you have decided is the cutest (I am using velvet ribbon) and make two bunny ears like you would to tie your shoe laces. (photo below shows how to fold your ribbon to create the bow). Then cut off the excess ribbon. I like to cut the ends at a bit of a diagonal.

DIY baby nylon headband - creating a ribbon bow

With a separate little strip of ribbon create the center on the bow and wrap it around the center of the bunny ears. Secure it at the back with some hot glue.

DIY baby nylon headband - ribbon

It should look something like this.

DIY baby nylon headband - bow

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Step 4: Hot glue your super cute bow to the nylon head band! That’s it!!!!! Seriously to easiest cutest addition to your babes head!  Now if she keeps it on is another story… haha.

DIY baby nylon headband - compleated

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Step 5: Repeat steps 2-4 over and over again. You will have more than you know what to do with. I ended up gifting a bunch to friends. It’s fun to share the creativity!

DIY baby nylon headband tutorial

You can experiment with lots of different ribbons. In the photo below of the sliver and purple bow I decided to remove the ends and tie the center part a bit tight to make the edges of the bow pucker up a bit. I love how it turned out.

DIY Baby nylon headband tutorial

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I was making these super cute nylon headbands when Ivy Lynnkins was napping so naturally Corbin wanted to be my model. He’s sitting so nicely by the window in this underpants. hehe. I love him to bits. I never want him to grow up.

DIY baby nylon headband - baby model

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Last Little Tip: I have made these bows a few times and have learned that velvet ribbon and probably most ribbon will unwind at the ends. I prevented this from happening by holding the end of the ribbon close to the open flame of a lighter. Close to the flame but not in the flame (just to singe the ends). Please don’t go burning your awesome baby nylon headband creation. That would be terrible and so sad.

If you are still not feeling the creative bug, here are the links to some of my favorite Baby Nylon Headbands found on Etsy.

I hope this little tutorial helps everyone create awesome cute nylon headbands for all the girls (and boys) in your life!! They make awesome baby gifts and toddler gifts too, as the nylon is super stretchy. Have fun creating!

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